About Us


WE are a family that has over come addiction and won! So Im putting it on myself to put the time and effort in to try to help others. There’s worse then to have no where to turn & no one to talk to about what’s going on in your life & head! I have put my family through hell and back, And if i can only help one person not do that to there family my work is not in vain. This site is open for all your question’s and your thought’s & opinion’s. Im here to help in anyway possible if i can. So i hope you enjoy this site, And may you find the road that you’ve so desperately looked for. And this site is also for family members that has question’s and desperately trying to help a love one. So this is all for you guy’s & gal’s out there that needs help. Were here and will do our best.

God=Bless you all

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