Are addicts “bad” people? Apr26 Upon entering a

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Are addicts “bad” people?

Upon entering a very long and passionate discussion tonight i found myself part of an interesting conversation. I found myself discussing the idea about addicts and discrimination. The war on drugs is not a new one. It has been going on for decades. There has been little reform in the grand scope of things especially in regards to public policy and the idea of the addict in particular.

Most believe that an addict has a choice over the things that he or she does. They have a choice is picking up the substance in the first place, they have a choice in the behaviors they exhibit or crimes they commit, and they have a choice in the quality of people that they associate with.

However, if addiction and alcoholism is a disease then aren’t these individuals being discriminated against? Are the addicts and alcoholics that suffer from this disease then divided up into their own class? The two classes separated by simply their economic status? Are there more and more people being thrown into jails and prisons draining the tax payer’s money and less going into treatment because of affordability? Are these facts fair?
Are the conceptions that contemporary society has today in regards to addicts realistic? If we all took a step back could we look around us at our family, our friends, our business associates and say that we do not know one single person who has had a problem with drugs and alcohol? This issue is like an elephant in the room and the idea that addicts are bad people who deserve the punishment they receive – could that be just a tad harsh considering how much we now know about addiction? How long should someone be punished for the things they did when they were suffering from a mental disease after they have recovered?

How long should the stigma of being an addict or an alcoholic be a “bad” one? These questions are here and not going anywhere. It is time to look at the war on drugs from a different perspective, from the eyes of an addict.

  1. barb dipietro says:

    everything you say is true. my son died from the disease of addiction and he spent many years incarcerated instead of being treated. Had he been given the help he needed, he might still be alive. So sad. No other disease is treated with such lack of compassion. It’s cruel.

    • wesley swift says:

      Im so sorry for your loss, It is so cruel.. Theres no help for anyone these days.. I guess i was just one of the lucky ones, But i fought for years, Thank you for taking the time to write. Thats why im here so i can help and share my story with others and let them know there is hope.. write when ever you want, God-Bless.

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