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THIS IS MY STORY: Rock bottom is where i had to go, My lowest point in my life. but when your all the way to the bottom, there’s only one way to go and that’s up! I started off taking pain pill’s b/c of my back. The doctor’s gave them to me about 12+ year’s ago. That was before people was selling them like candy. And i didn’t know the risk of getting addicted to them. All i knew was they made my pain go away and i felt like doing thing’s again & they made me have energy! But after year’s taking them it took more and more for the pain to leave and for me to have that energy. It started off 2 a day 4 a day, Then 3 and 4 at a time, Till i was taking 6 at once 4 or 5 time a day.. It got to the point that i was taking 30+ pill’s a day! Now for the one that has not had this problem im sure your saying there’s no way. But i assure you i was. And the one’s that has this problem you know Exactly what im talking about. After 12+ years of doing this I lost everything i had. I spent my pay check my wife’s pay check our bill money and sold about everything i ever worked for. For you that don’t understand this, It is a disease! I was a good husband Father & son. I worked had a good job, had a good life! But it just turn’s you in to this other person & take you mind over. After i would get the pill’s and take them i was ok for a while & just hated myself after i bought them. I would think of what that money could have went for, my kid’s some new clothes my wife something nice and the (BILL’S). I lost everything, But i did have one thing on my side. A very good wife and parent’s & God that never gave up on me. I decided one day it was enough and i quit.. Believe me i had help! I did not go to rehab, And no withdraw’s it was just gone.. If you want to know how i did it E-mail me and ill tell you. Not selling anything no gimmicks ill just straight up tell you how i beat them.. You have to want it with everything in you, and have alot of faith. So iv’e made this site for nothing more but to help other’s like i was and there family’s. So that is my story and a very short one to say the least. Hope to hear from all of you real soon, stay safe and God-Bless you all.

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  1. Ileen swift says:

    Your doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

  2. Wife of an addict says:

    Your story is my husbands story! He is 32 and had chronic back pain since an injury at 22. He was taking as many as 30 a day also he says. He is in inpatient rehab and when he comes home and lately he just complains about how bad he is hurting. My question is, how do you manage your chronic pain after pill abuse?

    • wesley swift says:

      Sorry took me so long to answer you back, Its kinda hard for me to answer that. See i dont know how you believe, But my story is that i tried everything as a man. And no one would help me. I lived this way for so so long & i just came to my ropes end. & one day i came in and told my wife to get ready we are going to go to church. She looked at me like i was crazy cuz we hadent been to church in years. So she did and as soon as we got there i went straight to the front and told the preacher my problem and hit my knees. Im sure everyone there thought i was nuts, But thats what i did! I told God if you would take this away id never take another one & i ment it. And you know the next day i had no withdraws or cravings for them! it was amazing. But i was still in alot of pain. I went through this pain for a week, But the pain was still there, So i said Lord i know your real and i had to be you that took this (cause i had tried everything) But i can handle this pain! so the next Sun we went back to church and my wife had hit her knees after see seen what he had done for me, And when i was praying two fingers touch me rite on one of those disk and i jumped it hurt so bad. I started to turn around to see who it was, But i thought nope im not going to cause i dident want to know. You dont have to believe me if you dont want to but every since that night my Back has been just fine. He healed my back that night. I was telling this to a lady in the church and about how i dident turn around to see who it was, And she just looked at me and smiled really big. She said i remember that night very clear and she smiled and said there was no one behind you. That gave me goose bumps. And ive told this story everyone i can. I am able to work again, Sleep again, Oh it feels so good to get a good nights sleep again. If God had not healed me i dont no how i would have managed it. But ill help you anyway i can. And ill look somethings up for you and try to help. Go to my Fb page im on there alot more then im on here. Mess me on there and we’ll try to help him as much as we can. My Fb page on the main page here of the website, its called Pain pills the addiction, Yep same name as the If you cant find it let me know and ill send you the link. Ill be getting back with you and maybe ill have some info for you. 🙂

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